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We are affiliated with many highly skilled instructors who assist in our programs.

Fred Behnken

Fred Behnken, Lead Instructor/Owner Personal Security Consulting

Fred holding his favorite rifle.

Lead Instructor

Firearms are an important part of our culture. America is a nation of riflemen. What I enjoy the most about my profession is continuing that American tradition. The practical nature of proficiency with firearms has wide reaching benefits. One in particular is the economic security that responsible people engage in keeping our society safe and prosperous. Unfortunately, there is a lot of destructive sponsored ignorance and lack of respect for human life in our culture. We promote individual responsibility, respect and participation. In particular, I hope that all who come will have their values renewed and strengthened in addition to becoming very good shooters.

    • 30 years conducting protective professional training
    • Masters of Arts in Security Management
    • US Army Command and General Staff College
    • National Rifle Association Training Counselor
    • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement instructor
    • New Mexico Department of Public Safety Instructor
    • New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Instructor
    • New Mexico Registered Lobbyist
    • Security Manager
    • Sandia National Labs Security
    • Armored Car Service/ ATM service
    • 15 years US Army, commissioned officer
    • 400 Instructors trained
    • 8000 Basic level students trained