State of New Mexico Concealed Carry Licensing Course- Initial Online


The Online Concealed Handgun course is open to individuals how have evidence of previous handgun training.

Those enrolled must have evidence and be able to handle their firearms safely while taking the course.

Before acceptance into the initial online concealed handgun licensing class we will review previous course content that you have attended and professional gun handling experience. Please send course certificates to  in conjunction with your payment.

Examples would be military, police and security professionals who have the necessary experience to handle firearms safely in the course viewing area. Citizens who have taken at minimum an in person handgun training course( Must be handgun related training). Rifle/ Shotgun Hunter education classes as an example would not be excepted.

Attendance for the Live Fire Qualification to complete the licensing course will be arranged with the instructor after graduating from the online portion of the training.

The advantage of this program is the participant has more time  flexibility on when they complete the requirements for the training. Since the program can be reviewed through multiple times taking it is a good learning experience. All graduates are provided accessibility to this program for after course review and home training.

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The New Mexico Concealed Handgun License Card